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For MN Senate District 5 

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"With your help and support I will continue as your State Senator representing the citizens of Becker, Hubbard, Todd, Cass, Morrison, and Wadena Counties."  

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I am seeking the Senate District 5 seat because I believe our state government continues to have a spending problem that must be reduced. I bring a common sense approach to our state government. That was my approach to city government when I served on the Park Rapids City Council from 2009-2016. I enjoy working with a city council, a school board or a county board to problem solve and come up with sensible solutions.

It is not possible to please everyone with every vote I take, but I want you to know that acting in the best interest of Senate District 5, the taxpayers and the State of Minnesota will always guide my decisions. Isn’t it time our government started working for you, the taxpayers rather than the other way around?



Minnesotans are overtaxed. Our current Budget Surplus validates that statement! We rate near the bottom in almost every more

Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom is number one. We must never give up any of our personal freedoms. Availability of long-term care more

Public Safety

Number 1 issue! We must restore Law and Order in all corners of Minnesota. Our Law Enforcement agencies need our support more

Quality of life is important to everyone and for most everyone it starts with having a good job. Good jobs are leaving our state due to our high taxes and onerous regulations. Job number one continues to be improving the environment that our businesses operate within.

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