Paul On

The Issues

Where I Stand On The Important Issues


Number 1 issue! We must restore Law and Order in all corners of Minnesota. Our Law Enforcement agencies need our support now more than ever, our Prosecutors and Judicial system must apply the penalties provided in law – criminals must be removed from the street and put in jail.


Minnesotans are overtaxed. Our current Budget Surplus validates that statement! We rate near the bottom in almost every category (for being tax-friendly) when compared to the other 49 states. Our personal income rates must be reduced, and the surplus returned to the taxpayers.


Medical Freedom is number one. We must never give up any of our personal freedoms. Availability of long-term care providers for our elderly and disabled remains a priority. Mental Health needs continue to increase so we must explore all options and support providers who can serve these needs.


We have burdened our job creators and providers with high taxes and excessive regulations for far too long. If Minnesota is to be the best place to live, work and raise a family we must improve our business climate to retain our current businesses and attract new ones.


Our citizens deserve to drive on safe and good quality roads and bridges. They are currently paying the bill but not receiving the benefits. The Transportation Budget should have dedicated funds so that the Transportation Department knows what it has to work with each and every year and not rely on the politics of the legislature or bonding proposals. Dedicating all sales taxes collected from transportation related sales is a great start to stabilizing the Transportation Department funding.


The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Our 2nd Amendment is what protects our constitution and our citizenry and must never be reduced.


Our elections must be secured. We must pass Voter ID and Provisional Ballot legislation. Mail-in Ballots must be eliminated. Absentee voting must be done in person with proper ID.


Emergency Powers must be returned to the legislature. A Governor must never have dictatorial powers again.